2021 News

The latest newsletter will be published on the 17th of each month.

Oi! Oi! Oi! It’s 2022! 17/12/21

17/12/21 Can’t believe we’re at year’s end! Been through a million lives the last three-sixty-five.  I started with Hermit. That life included not leaving my yard, eating, sleeping a lot, studying and being a bit bloody bored. I was encapsulated by the euphoria of feeling quite care free; I had worries but they didn’t overpower […]

Shani: Being Different But Different Together 17/11/21

17/11/21 We itched over it for two weeks until the day finally arrived. I had been writing in bed that day, living up to all my cliches, and Shani had been at her new job at the nursery. I finally got that text: leaving now. That meant I had fifty minutes to get some clobber […]

Music Was, Is, Always Will Be, My Life 17/10/21

17/10/21 I found a YouTube channel by the name of The Cozy Representative last week. And I swiftly devoured nearly all of his videos. He does documentary style pieces around the rise (and sometimes fall) of bands prominent in the late naughties/early tens scene and emo movement. When I was in year six, I discovered […]

Moving Out And Getting Cold 17/09/2021

17/09/2021 I moved to London when I was sixteen and left a life of slight mundanity behind me. Essex never gave me what I truly needed; it never provided the excess, the chaos, the panting uncertainty that I realised I loved once I moved to the city. I went back to Essex two years after […]

Chocolate… But Not Really 17/08/21

17/08/21 You’d call me a nutter if I told you how a cup of hot chocolate helped me get in touch with my creativity. And that statement really does sound crazy. Because it is much more limited, lexically, than the expanse of feeling behind it.  Ceremonial grade cacao is more than a Horlix, however. Based […]

Getting Ahhht: An Update 17/07/21

17/07/21 Being boxed in ain’t no fun, and this last year has had us fastened up in our four corners for way longer than humans can cope with. In England, the 19th is the date all our lockdown regulations loosen. Wearing masks will stop being mandatory, going out will be easier and sweet freeeeeeeedom will […]

Is This It? 17/06/21

17/06/2021 For this month’s newsletter I wanted to do something a little bit different. I wrote this piece last year after noting down all of the things I saw when on a walk. It is about loneliness and how it can effect the way we view the world, but also about how the world can […]

The Cold Makes Me So 17/05/21

17/05/21 Thank fuck winter’s nearly over! This year I really noticed the shift in my emotional stability and happiness as the cold grew stronger and the light dimmer. I’d spent summer and early autumn doing a lot of gardening, yoga, walking, healthy eating, as well as other beneficial activities such as practicing the piano and […]

I Love, I Love, I Love 17/04/2021

17/04/21 Last year I had the idea to put together a poetry collection. I started looking through the thousands of poems I’ve written over time, some only a few lines, some a full five pages of rhymes, some just little ideas or incomplete attempts. I realised that just looking through the poetry would get me […]

9:30pm 17/03/2021

17/03/21 When I lived in London I would be out all hours of the night. Most of the time, I would leave in the evening and wouldn’t come home until morning or afternoon. I sat in parks with my mates, mostly females and gay men, getting up to whatever we were getting up to. We […]

My Then Is Not My Now 17/02/21

17/02/21  Between the ages of thirteen and fifteen, I did a lot of stuff that keeps my brain beating itself up over to this day. I used homophobic, racist, ableist and overall offensive words and phrases, trying to be as outrageous as possible for the sake of what I would’ve called, then, “humour”. I would […]

2021 Ain’t 2020 Darlin 17/01/21

17/01/21 Happy new year! Emphasis on the ‘happy’… Everyone has already said “God, hopefully this one will be better than the last!” Or, for the more pessimistic folk: “this year is already a steaming pile of shit and we’re only a couple weeks in”, and now I have something to say about that. I have […]