2022 News

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Ode To My People 17/05/2022

17/05/2022 I’ve recorded the EP! FINALLY! My seven piece band and I spent the 16th and 17th of April in Satellite Studios, Enfield, securing our months of hard work into a fixed project that we can share with the world. I feel so proud, and so excited.  After going to an Orii Jam in Hackney […]

Oracle Girl Baaaby 17/04/22

17/04/22 http://www.oraclegirl.org Ooo La-La, it’s that time of the year again!  Oracle Girl’s Silent Immersion Retreat. In April and October of every year, Oracle Girl does a remote retreat that – and this is no exaggeration – will change ya muthafuckin life. In 2014 I was introduced to the OG. I had been in and […]

Fri-Ends Are Where It Starts 17/03/22

17/03/22 I couldn’t move on Sunday. I laid in bed being nursed by Mama with guts somersaulting, legs tearing from the hip to the knee to the toes and my skin more tender than a wing. I rolled about like a product of Greggs and staggered to the loo like I was in a ward. […]

Dress Code: No (Victim)Hoods 17/02/22

17/02/22 I have been a victim. Of all sorts. I have suffered, and I do have trauma to tell. I have past instances that I recall sometimes and only in retrospect understand that they led to other traumas occurring. As a woman, I understand I have a different place in society than men. As a […]

Feed Your Head 17/01/22

17/01/22 I’m skint! Just like most people at the moment. Christmas drains our pockets, rent then comes pinching swiftly after along with dinner and all the other bits and bobs we need to survive – or think we need to survive. I was doing alright; being conservative with my student maintenance loan, going for the […]