I Love is the first poetry collection I have ever released. This compilation of poems explores the impact of hatred, and takes the reader through the journey of taking that hate and turning it into love. There are 54 poems spread throughout six chapters. Each chapter explores feelings towards a different pronoun, with the hope to inspire the vital metamorphosis from negative connections to the ecstacy you find when you experience relationships with pure love.

The poems touch on love with substances involved, with jealousy and pain interfering, with mental health issues causing trouble. They also explore the incredible benefits that love brings, from laughter to bliss to comfort, with illustrations by me throughout the book.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Publishing this collection is really a dream come true. I have been writing poetry for over a decade, spending those years keeping my work very private. It was always a goal to be able to have an opportunity to pursue my creativity like this, and it means everything to me to have your support. These poems are founded on my inspiration from other people and the world, all brought together through my own thoughts and feelings. Each one is a moment, an experience in my life that has been captured and sculpted through poetry’s deep and profound lense. To share my vunerability is worth it if it means someone out there can relate and feel more positive about their own journey. I also share many poems in this collection that express the deep joys and excitements I have felt, simply through finding love in all aspects of this existence.

I spent months going through my poems, with the theme in mind, trying to select the perfect pieces to achieve what I wanted. It was tumultuous to relive the experiences I wrote about; I was slung back into darkness quite a few times. But through that darkness, I also realised how light always accompanied it. I hope this collection can touch you, get you to identify the brilliance of your existence and your love, and that it will connect us.

All copies purchased through this website will be hand-signed by me!

  • Publisher : Nielsen Book Services (13 Feb. 2021)
  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 108 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1527286592
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1527286597
  • Dimensions : 19.05 x 0.64 x 23.5 cm

To buy this book through my website, you must be in the UK. Through this, I will recieve all of the profit, which will be funnelled back into my creative projects. If you are not in the UK, please purchase it through Amazon! (If purchasing through Amazon, I only get 60% of the earnings)








I Love

Lyric Deep’s first poetry collection


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