What’s That From?

I’ve found this little fray in my wrist dip  It’s red and soft, splintered at the tip  It tickles the base, at the joint face I rub my hands together and trip It’s getting longer as the days progress I tug softly, as the stitch gets distressed  I pull too hard, it unravels in yards [...]

Crying On The Balcony

How is that fucking fair? I’m damaged goods for life While you flounce about Without a care You have no idea  What you inflicted on me When you did what you did Right there But now I have a weight to my bones No route back home And a milkiness to my stare  I glare [...]

To The Curb

You’ll never break my heart Because you’ll never get it I put the timer on at the start And I set it Just a minute past The betting Becuase I don’t like signing up For things I just end up regretting It’s called nipping it in the bud And it’s a blessing Means I never [...]

Another End, Another Start 17/12/22

17/12/22 And another year wraps itself up. Snow came early and the cold came committed. Christmas is right round the corner even though halloween feels like it was yesterday. The days go slow but suddenly another week has passed by. You get a lot done but it still don’t feel enough. Yet what a 2022 [...]

Leg Up Or Over

Work all week distracts me From my stupidity But Saturday mornings My only time free Are when my guilty Seeds start to reek And I realise I’m moving faster than My feet can keep up I speak like no boundaries  Are in place And I dance to beats That only deplete The natural energies Of [...]

What Do I Really See?

One set, two set, three set, four sets of stepsAnd I’m there. The door farting back and forth air From hall to balcony from balcony to hallOne step, two step, three step, fourth and I fall Into four walls of plastered identity and reassuranceUnder each freckle of skank sits flesh ready to confess Hidden beneath [...]

Sticky One 17/11/22

17/11/22 This month I wanted to do something a little bit different for the newsletter. I am posting a short story, piece of prose I wrote a few months ago, called 'Sticky One'. To all my survivors: we got this. Enjoy. “You gotta be careful wid dem typesa girls, blud.” He burns the excess skin [...]

The Midnight Brain

I’ll admit I miss you When it’s dark and I’m alone Soon as the first sparkle of sun Comes running, tho  I’m back to my cold Always wanting to be in Opposition For some Reason Just begging for those late seasons Of small daylight And big angers So it ain’t just me who’s suffering I [...]


Was I supposed to get it off my mind? Was I meant to find solutions To my mania And bind trauma to prospects? Like… Was I under obligation to cry? Like… Then try techniques To pry open the sites You deposited Your burden into Before lock up And sprint to The next? You flex muscle [...]