Spanner Chuck

If I do it every time Then every time I do it I never want to go from know To knew it I never want to stress you Wreck you Compress you I just want to protect you I know I’m the fragile bones But that brittle stone Went roughish  I’m home-ish Not the loveliness [...]

Pace of Me

Time’s falling through me Like sand through my fingers  Nowadays no second lingers I ain’t wished to stop so much  In a long time I wouldn’t say no to The world fucking off for a bit And my friends all thinking I was dead for the week But reality don’t work like that I can’t [...]

Gourmandised Beat Beat

Every tender step is met with shards of glass I watch the beaten path With eyes that dart at single flicker Still my tentative figure is charred In the harsh blast of your scarred And eager charge, when you march Through the hard tenement of my past I sit hands under chin and laugh Hoping [...]

Make Sense

I walk that corner afternoon- -there’s nothing there. My nostrils flare- -that olfactory dare can’t even bare its truth. At this hour the power of fume- scares away bloom from filling this concrete room with its glory. But when I turn it- early morning-  story goes full told- -surely I’m not the only one smelling [...]

Post Rut Clarity

I never promised sanctuary I never said you could stay either I never asked for sun or rain No I never asked for neither I let you get on with it And did my best to return that favour I never threatened enemies Or asked for saviour Was happy with the lacklustre And satisfied come [...]

Close Enough

I just can’t get close enough Pushing this body that’s host of Lust and blush and crushing Hush into one that’s fussed So lush, blew clean the dust Bust open bolts over  Shuddered jolts and holds mine But with your belly on my spine And never enough time I just can’t get close enough. I [...]

Huh, Isn’t That Funny

When someone’s troubled you And finally the trouble finds them You often say “Huh, isn’t that funny” You count your karmas, Tally their fuck ups Discuss if the punch Was as hard as they deserve After what they did to you I thought I’d hear of your downfall Your spiral, your slip up And say [...]

What Was

When the sun beams through the kitchen window and I’m washing pots that aren’t mine I reminisce times that give me tingles. There’s not a single moment I could define or emotion I could refine but still I shiver in the sublime rays that graze my face as I scrub and rub and lace bubbles [...]

Star Less

I wish you’d just die So I didn’t have to speak to you Or maybe I should peg it Due to thinking The things I do There’s too much fluff  Apparently In la di da di da di  But I’ve always Had a soft spot  For fruitcakes, largely  I’m so paranoid recently Petrified of my [...]