Oracle Girl Baaaby 17/04/22


Ooo La-La, it’s that time of the year again! 

Oracle Girl’s Silent Immersion Retreat.

In April and October of every year, Oracle Girl does a remote retreat that – and this is no exaggeration – will change ya muthafuckin life. In 2014 I was introduced to the OG. I had been in and out of therapy, trying to find solution to issues that started when I was twelve. I expected a psychologist approach – I would sit there, pour out what troubled me, and be given tips to ‘save’ me. I won’t paint the whole picture of what really happened, as to be honest, I can’t remember it in full. But I do remember, within me, something opening, something happening… something starting. 

I met OG face to face a couple times after that initial introduction, still unsure what exactly was happening, but certain it felt good. And when you feel like shit all the time, you can’t turn down an opportunity for the opposite, can you? 

Then things started to grow, to change. OG’s online presence and platform skyrocketed; more events were digitalised, and more people joined the tribe.

Now she has thousands of followers. But she is not Kim Kardashian, she is not Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. She is an Oracle. And her purpose is to awaken the self-healing ability residing within us all. I can’t explain it scientifically, or even spiritually. But I can do it anecdotally – my favourite form of learning.

If confidence was a one to ten scale, I grew up with minus a hundred. I didn’t even like looking at myself let alone others have a peek. So I drank to blackout in order to not feel uncomfortable doing the things I wanted to sober, but didn’t have the confidence to. On OG’s website, when signing up to her events (all donation based), you can put some specific issues you want worked through in when joining. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve put my insecurities into here. Now, of course (I’m still bloody human), I have some kinks needing a flat iron to, but I’m sober, I’m able to chat to anyone and do anything. I’m even able to stand on a stage in front of a crowd and perform lyrics I never thought I’d be able to share in the first place. It’s not about being perfect or totally resolved, it’s about finding ways to live a fulfilling life without issues staying as obstacles. My self healing ability allows me to overcome myself, even when all that bitch wants to do is tear herself down. 

Believing in your inner wisdom is harrrrrrrd. We all doubt ourselves. I find myself stupid and silly all the time. I’m always worried I come across as one of those annoying, preachy cunts who think they know better than their peers. I worry people roll their eyes when I open my trap. Sometimes I go brain dead and ain’t even got nuffin to say, and then I stress that people think I’m thick. Gah, what a roundabout it all is. Especially when you are only considering wagwan right now. But to have the present and to have the future, you need the past – another holy trinity. And when I look back, I can recognise when I had the right answers, not just for those around me, but for myself, too. When you look about and see all those you spend time with suddenly doing well, trusting themselves, believing in themselves, making right choices, feeling happier and more confident, you don’t take credit, but you do get to appreciate that you are in their lives, and that you aren’t what leads them to the opposite negatives to all those positive behaviours. When you are tuned into OG, your frequency becomes higher, and you become a source of purification to those you encounter. Imagine it as you becoming a fire, and people being attracted to you for your warmth, but when they leave, they retain that heat, instead of losing it. 

Oracle Girl receives donations for her work, so all monetary contribution is voluntary. With these donations, she funds different projects to benefit the world. You can view this on the ‘Giving’ page on her website. I am one of those lucky sods that got a sponsor. OG helped fund my debut poetry book, I Love (available on the ‘Shop’ page on my website (love a self-promo)). You can find the link to my website on her ‘Giving’ page. This changed the whole route of my work. It turned this hopeful passion into something that really did have an opportunity to get me where I want to go. It put wheels on a car I’d been tinkering with for years. Then filled the engine with petrol. It’s up to me, now, to put a foot to the pedal, but with Oracle Girl’s help, it laid the needed foundations. I’m forever grateful. 

You purify by reading anything she has written, listening to her voice (during her events she sends you voice recordings – usually twenty minutes in length), seeing her face (her YouTube has videos on, as well as her website). I’m pretty sure even just thinking about the OG oils the cogs! The practice is simple. It is accessible and possible no matter what your lifestyle, attention span, schedule. I have often listened to her audio tracks when trying to sleep (always drifting off into a deep rest before the track bloody finishes). Now I actually love to listen to them on the train, or during a journey, as I always arrive at my destination feeling prepped for whatever comes. If I have a headache, I slap a track on and it always miraculously buggars off! You can fit these practices in around your life with ease. It’s not like dedicating an hour to exercise a day, which many people, myself included, can struggle to do, or put off for so long you promise to do it the next day, bunning that off and all when it comes. This is progress without stress!

Through OG, I’ve been able to connect with some great people. Dear Danny ( is a social media presence who did a talk with the OG a few weeks ago. We connected over Instagram and he posts great videos and poems about the fuckery of the world right now! I also had the dear pleasure of connecting with a woman called Melanie, and we share email conversations, excited to bond through such a powerful movement. My mum and dad are both tuned into OG, with incredible developments in their lives since. Some of my friends I have successfully peer pressured (Ha!) into signing up to OG events, and I have witnessed them blossom through entering the gold frequency (as OG names it), even if they would never think to attribute it to that themselves. Recently I showed a close friend OG’s website, and after explaining what exactly it was – although it is like explaining how a drug feels; basically impossible with words – she signed up to The Silent Immersion Retreat, as well as The Reboot Groups OG runs every Saturday and Wednesday. I received multiple texts from my mate beaming with excitement at finding a long lost peace and power from it all. This is a tribe; we are the people that will hold the torch to light us into the positive future timeline. 

I have other loved ones who have signed up and experienced the intensity that comes with OG. We all have trauma: from our lifetimes, from our family lineages, from picking up a bad and freaky energy on the tube during rush hour. Working through this can be fucking awful. It can be so enormous and severe. It truly is the storm before the calm. When your entity is twisted up from trauma, imagine the knots you have to untie before you are liberated. This is a workout. It does not always come easy. Tears can be shed, screams can be erupted. But, it comes back again to looking back when you’ve come so forward. I look to the loved ones who became volcanos in the early stages, and see them now, miles ahead, with so much more purpose, capacity and peace. It’s not about reminding them of OG and hoping they send a bouquet of flowers to her in thanks. It’s about encouraging them to just bloody carry on. It’s not about ego, about claiming credit. It’s not about forcing gratitude, if it can interrupt their journey. It’s just about observing and understanding they’ve found themselves, and to let them kick it. 

I got called a Jehovah’s Witness the other day, by a mate I was trying to ‘indoctrinate’ (all in jest – and laughed about as so!). I realise this isn’t something to force people into, or something to reject people over. But it is a space to purify, to let go of heavy shit that everyone’s back is breaking over, to surge into the true, real you that you’ve lusted for your whole life. You won’t sign up to an OG event and feel like you’ve let an acid tab dissolve on your tongue. You won’t suddenly orgasm. You won’t randomly lose all that weight that bogs you down. But you will join loads of others on a journey that promises (and delivers) a positive future for us and our yoots, and their yoots and theirs. 

This month’s immersion has been great so far. I’ve cried a lot, over silly stuff mostly – mainly bits in my book or scenes on a telly show. I’ve rested, as recommended, and also kept active. I’ve written so much poetry I’m shocked I have anything left to rhyme about. I’ve just recorded my debut EP with my band Lyric Deep Limited this weekend – how delicious I feel knowing it was birthed during such a momentous, powerful and positive month. I feel every time it’ll be listened to, the OG power and the gold frequency will surge through the lucky bastard who’s just pressed play. 

I ain’t writing this newsletter to force no one to get involved; just opening the door for those who wish to reap the benefits just as I have for nearly a decade. 

Onwards & upwards. 

Even when it’s rocky, the road remains walkable. 

And when you feel like shit, I know you want to stick your middle finger up to any cunt offering solution. Sometimes it’s easier to be a victim than it is to find strength to improve. But the shivers and shakes pass. Everything does. I know. I promise. 

OG bless you all.

WIAEA (What I Am Excited About):

Song: Smoking by Kae Tempest ft. Confucius MC – Oooooooooo, the new album is here! Kae Tempest’s latest record, titled The Line is a Curve, came out about a week ago. It follows a more personal journey, opposed to the usual political/societal observation route they usually follow. This piece is rather incredible. It has the rawness of their band Sound of Rum’s album Balance, the electronic flare that’s both new and reminiscent of some tunes on their album Let Them Eat Chaos, but also a freshness and obvious growth that is captivating. Smoking is one of my favourite tracks on here, with sick lyricism (as always) and a mad switch in beat at the end when Confucius jumps on. 

Book: Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo – I’m rereading this masterpiece again for a university essay. This book makes me cry like a baby, laugh like a stoner, understand like a goodgood ally. It explores the lives of 12 girls, womens, others and it does so in the most powerful and insightful way. It covers black matters, LGBT+ matters, family lineages, English history, and more. It actually blows my mind the amount of information Evaristo has squeezed into about 450 pages. She plays with the experimental narrative method of stream of consciousness writing, ditching full stops for the majority of the book, and doing so in a way that ain’t pretentious or clunky. This is one of my favourite books ever. 

Take care,

Lyric Deep.

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