Chocolate & Changes 17/12/2020

17/12/2020 One door shuts, another door opens. One cardboard flap peals its way to signalling fingertip entrance, and another little chocolate inhabitant sits awaiting the scoffing. December is a time we in the West know in all of its delightful stereotypes. The darkness crawls down by the school run, yet the streets flicker with golden [...]

Some News on News 17/11/2020

17/11/20 Words play a bigger part in our lives than we may think. Each one carries connotations. We may hear or read the word ‘summer’ and get transported to feelings of warmth, or memories of joyful beach days, or snap back to a time when July weren’t as lovely as it so stereotypically felt it [...]

20 for 20 17/10/2020

17/10/2020 I turned twenty last week. Stepped into the next stage, next decade of my existence.  I have memories of all worths for my life, past scenes of good and bad. My first ten years were pretty standard. I went to school, my parents broke up. I had playground squabbles, listened to shit pop music, [...]

Chicken Shop Paradise 17/09/2020

17/09/2020 During lockdown this year many people have been stuck in cramped flats with limited access to greenery (not that kind) and fresh air. I’ve been lucky to spend my time in the countryside but I understand the struggle of those who had to spend months confined to four grey walls on the ‘twenty eight [...]

Lock Down, Lift Up 17/08/2020

17/08/2020 Dear Lyric Deep Readers, This year has been particularly tumultuous for everyone. It has been rife with uncertainty, fear and suppression and I think it’ll be an experience all who have been through it will never forget. As lockdown started I was in India. I had travelled to the country by myself and was [...]

Introduction 17/07/2020

17/07/2020 Welcome to Lyric Deep™. This is a platform to share my work under Lyric Deep and hopefully create a community of people with a love of music and poetry, just like me. Poetry is my passion in life; I have been writing in rhyme for as long as I can remember. Encouraged by my [...]