Introduction 17/07/2020


Welcome to Lyric Deep™.

This is a platform to share my work under Lyric Deep and hopefully create a community of people with a love of music and poetry, just like me.

Poetry is my passion in life; I have been writing in rhyme for as long as I can remember. Encouraged by my loved ones, this has always been my vice for self expression. Deciding I want to turn this enthusiasm into a career, I am using Lyric Deep to share my work with the world. I will be posting a new original poem fortnightly on the ‘Poetry’ page regarding any topic my heart wishes to pour out.

I will be working on producing original music and I will post it directly onto the ‘Music’ page on this website. I am a lyricist and a piano player with 14 years of training and experience. Coming soon… 

A monthly newsletter will be released on this website with information regarding Lyric Deep’s activities and progression or just some insight into my thoughts and feelings of the time. I will also feature a song and a book that I am excited about that month. These will be posted in the ‘News’ page.

In the future I will be creating merchandise to represent the Lyric Deep brand and this will be represented in the ‘Store’ page. Coming soon…

I want to connect with the visitors of this website therefore I have a ‘Contact’ page where you can fill in your details and email me. I would love to hear from you about your thoughts on my creativity or learn about your own!

I am very excited for the journey Lyric Deep is about to undertake and I am thrilled you will be on it with me. 

Take care,

Lyric Deep.