Huh, Isn’t That Funny

When someone’s troubled you And finally the trouble finds them You often say “Huh, isn’t that funny” You count your karmas, Tally their fuck ups Discuss if the punch Was as hard as they deserve After what they did to you I thought I’d hear of your downfall Your spiral, your slip up And say [...]

What Was

When the sun beams through the kitchen window and I’m washing pots that aren’t mine I reminisce times that give me tingles. There’s not a single moment I could define or emotion I could refine but still I shiver in the sublime rays that graze my face as I scrub and rub and lace bubbles [...]

Star Less

I wish you’d just die So I didn’t have to speak to you Or maybe I should peg it Due to thinking The things I do There’s too much fluff  Apparently In la di da di da di  But I’ve always Had a soft spot  For fruitcakes, largely  I’m so paranoid recently Petrified of my [...]

I Riot At Nightfall

Miles are missing And there’s a big bang For a broken back The log book lacks And I’m mad to cat For that but here I’m sat Pining in the slack Footwell of your black Voyage through the cracks In earth’s trap Well, I’d like to recall Snacks that I snapped In that gob of [...]

Open Eyed

I could’ve cried But I didn’t Good riddance Ain’t like it’s forbidden But I keep All this stuff Hidden For reasons I ain’t up for Permitting  But just know By sitting With me through  This episode After it’s bitten Is hitting Heart strings That never Thought they’d See remission  This and that’s Been christened But [...]

How Deep

I wish I was deep But I see blue skies And podgy clouds And think of the Simpsons I don’t think of the soft pocked Cheeks that rain ran Sleekly down When you allowed Yourself to cry That one time  I wish I was deep But I see anger in red Nothing more complex Just [...]

What’s That From?

I’ve found this little fray in my wrist dip  It’s red and soft, splintered at the tip  It tickles the base, at the joint face I rub my hands together and trip It’s getting longer as the days progress I tug softly, as the stitch gets distressed  I pull too hard, it unravels in yards [...]

Crying On The Balcony

How is that fucking fair? I’m damaged goods for life While you flounce about Without a care You have no idea  What you inflicted on me When you did what you did Right there But now I have a weight to my bones No route back home And a milkiness to my stare  I glare [...]

To The Curb

You’ll never break my heart Because you’ll never get it I put the timer on at the start And I set it Just a minute past The betting Becuase I don’t like signing up For things I just end up regretting It’s called nipping it in the bud And it’s a blessing Means I never [...]