What Do I Really See?

One set, two set, three set, four sets of stepsAnd I’m there. The door farting back and forth air From hall to balcony from balcony to hallOne step, two step, three step, fourth and I fall Into four walls of plastered identity and reassuranceUnder each freckle of skank sits flesh ready to confess Hidden beneath [...]

The Midnight Brain

I’ll admit I miss you When it’s dark and I’m alone Soon as the first sparkle of sun Comes running, tho  I’m back to my cold Always wanting to be in Opposition For some Reason Just begging for those late seasons Of small daylight And big angers So it ain’t just me who’s suffering I [...]


Was I supposed to get it off my mind? Was I meant to find solutions To my mania And bind trauma to prospects? Like… Was I under obligation to cry? Like… Then try techniques To pry open the sites You deposited Your burden into Before lock up And sprint to The next? You flex muscle [...]

Your Skins Strike Again

Jumped the gun again Ain’t ya babe? Let the rage dictate And slated things  That have now made The others hate Like you do on those days When the pages  Are stuck like wet Rizla But I’m scared of your next move I don’t want you to prove Me right I want to lose I [...]

High Strung

I don’t take sugar But we’ll share spoon  So I can steal some of  Your sweetness  I think to consume Such substance  In front of strangers Shows weakness Some see beauty I see blue And black And bleakness I run full speed From the neons And watch as others Seek this Plethora of  Glistening glory [...]

Tune Teef

I remember going into that music shop Going to the top floor Taking pictures of the notation Before leaving with no money spent But a pocket full of score.  I told you all about it, You said, it was illegal, I said, I doubt it, You said, it is. It’s not evil, Just theft.  I [...]

Primrose Ill

She said come Primrose To watch the sunset  But I knew my presence Wasn’t wanted So I laid the other side of the field Wishing it was a double date But instead I’m just third wheeling My mate Maybe I’m too much Actually, I know I am I know I’m a lot to take I [...]


Bless you for giving a shit I never noticed that view before I never considered you before Something worthy to adore But now you poured Out all that heart Over all my flaws And still asked for that little bit more So naturally I’m rather infatuated But with all that love-spill, My own giving a [...]

Ms Ghost Station

I’m in King Cross’s womb Bumping down the disused  Tunnels Ready to slop out in the early hours All grey due to my recent surroundings I’m found in Slippery oil slicks, hi vis And darkness But I felt safe in there The air stuffed itself It gorged on bum fluff Supervisor huff, and  She churns [...]


You spoke to me like I was human But I had big eyes and antennas  Still you took patience Carving stories like hands under henna Pausing for my breaths And then a Sweet check up to see if I was keeping with But I wasn’t  I was fluttering eyelids And seeing triple There were ripples [...]