Funder Bolted

I think you’re the bee’s knees Even on days like these When life don’t treat you  To the things you deserve When you ain’t served  Lurve or kindness When you got that blindness To your wonder And those smarts That bring a beige day Thunder. By Lyric Deep.

Fruit Fly

I slam my hand against the wall Praying the little body will fall Then praying it’ll ascend above Because you can never kill with love I slam my fists against the wings Take from God his little things Then smush with tender touch Because you can never kill with love I slam my fingertips into [...]


You thought you were so stupid in that moment That you voiced yourself and were an embarrassment  That you got it all totally wrong And missed the glaring obviousness  That everyone else picked up on You kept a brave face, didn’t twitch Didn’t let the room know you had awareness of the slip You took [...]


Got VIP, priority,  Cos of my network Had Faith in the line, with love as my net worth  Dropped off coats, two for one Some tap water and out of date crisps Looking round I knew I didn’t fit in I got all 70s for a show in the now It was a little bit [...]

Towards You

Walk with me Not against me The wind is pushing us My direction  So turn and head me Face the thing  You wish nature Would thrust you from Because every time you cut  The journey short You just end up on the long Way to Because every time You run from me I run faster [...]

I Don’t Care Cos They Don’t

The quicker you learn No one gives a fuck about you The better your life will be. Sounds funny, dunnit? I know. But I learnt recently That the more pressure you put on those Who don’t pick up on your frequencies The more free you are to love them At the capacity  They can receive [...]


When she was treating me terribly I justified it Because she loved me Love is ruination  It is promising not to leave Before you pack your bags And don’t bring your keys It is saying I’m the bad vibes When I’ve been dark all week but Should’ve turn light when she arrived It is saying [...]

I Remember Forgetting You

I love it when you move like no one’s watching And under the guise of plastic reflection I see you, truly But you are clueless, you’re moving And I move less Because if I’m caught, the show’s over And I can’t bare to sit here for an hour With nothing but a digital reality And [...]

Be You To Not

I still listen to that playlist of our summer I look at photos from then, Walk past the wine shop, The overground,  The athletics track, And hear, feel, see, Taste and touch our ghosts. I don’t think I ever won’t. You’re still a spirit of yester  I’m fragmented  Split into the past and the future [...]

Come Up/Down

Comment on the come up, not the come down Don’t let those nightmares clown you till you drown  Never hold yourself to sadness’ standards Or only see yourself when you drop your crown There’s a million moments to embarrass yourself, but recovery can start right now If the mornings after are the worst days, then [...]