Tune Teef

I remember going into that music shop Going to the top floor Taking pictures of the notation Before leaving with no money spent But a pocket full of score.  I told you all about it, You said, it was illegal, I said, I doubt it, You said, it is. It’s not evil, Just theft.  I [...]

Primrose Ill

She said come Primrose To watch the sunset  But I knew my presence Wasn’t wanted So I laid the other side of the field Wishing it was a double date But instead I’m just third wheeling My mate Maybe I’m too much Actually, I know I am I know I’m a lot to take I [...]


Bless you for giving a shit I never noticed that view before I never considered you before Something worthy to adore But now you poured Out all that heart Over all my flaws And still asked for that little bit more So naturally I’m rather infatuated But with all that love-spill, My own giving a [...]

Ms Ghost Station

I’m in King Cross’s womb Bumping down the disused  Tunnels Ready to slop out in the early hours All grey due to my recent surroundings I’m found in Slippery oil slicks, hi vis And darkness But I felt safe in there The air stuffed itself It gorged on bum fluff Supervisor huff, and  She churns [...]


You spoke to me like I was human But I had big eyes and antennas  Still you took patience Carving stories like hands under henna Pausing for my breaths And then a Sweet check up to see if I was keeping with But I wasn’t  I was fluttering eyelids And seeing triple There were ripples [...]

Funder Bolted

I think you’re the bee’s knees Even on days like these When life don’t treat you  To the things you deserve When you ain’t served  Lurve or kindness When you got that blindness To your wonder And those smarts That bring a beige day Thunder. By Lyric Deep.

Fruit Fly

I slam my hand against the wall Praying the little body will fall Then praying it’ll ascend above Because you can never kill with love I slam my fists against the wings Take from God his little things Then smush with tender touch Because you can never kill with love I slam my fingertips into [...]


You thought you were so stupid in that moment That you voiced yourself and were an embarrassment  That you got it all totally wrong And missed the glaring obviousness  That everyone else picked up on You kept a brave face, didn’t twitch Didn’t let the room know you had awareness of the slip You took [...]


Got VIP, priority,  Cos of my network Had Faith in the line, with love as my net worth  Dropped off coats, two for one Some tap water and out of date crisps Looking round I knew I didn’t fit in I got all 70s for a show in the now It was a little bit [...]

Towards You

Walk with me Not against me The wind is pushing us My direction  So turn and head me Face the thing  You wish nature Would thrust you from Because every time you cut  The journey short You just end up on the long Way to Because every time You run from me I run faster [...]