I have a firm belief that the sharpest tool

In your arsenal

Should be your tongue.

But every pocket’s pallet holds

Brainless lexis and stainless steal

Bovine individuals with maladroit vocabulary

And slick fists

I’m embarrassed by this laziness

And being big in demeanour but small

In wits.

Being interesting but interested in


Nothing being interesting then suddenly

Nothing being interested in you

Because exciting gets boring

And engines run out of power

But as you bubble and hiss with a full tank

You could never imagine this high has a downer

Girls are machine guns and boys are flowers…

Both can be dangerous.

Forget this brainless wish of painless expansion

Putting in the effort of slum and expecting mansion

I get it, simple is handsome

But why not diversify your vocabulary,

With meaningfull intelligence

Not just random bursts of language

Find passion in expression, don’t ration

Your imagination

Or sanction your tangents

Of throat and mind dancing to word’s anthem

Carefree and reckless ain’t synonyms,

You’re drawn to men and women in


Laying in your filthy linen and spinning in it

With mates

Of vapid vernacular,

Finding a brain cell with the bed bugs

And killing it.

Pilling your mind not filling it

Drilling your kindness not kissing it

Grilling your lioness not feeding it

The knowledge that she thursts for

Don’t know how to express what you’re hurt for

Complaining about the work that you’ve learnt for

Not appreciating the nurtured ground floor of teaching

Preaching that what’s taught only gets caught on life’s corners

Educating yourself is no tall order, I promise and

Don’t get it twisted, I see beauty outside of academia

Graffiti is art, street wear is regalia

Rap is poetry and fighting can be tactful

Drugs are mind opening (sometimes mind closing)

They can be progressive and harmful

Formalities can be ugly and

Slang is fucking beautiful

A sentence don’t mean your sentenced to that life forever

Repentance is a hardest endeavour

But rewarding and never without sacrifice

And sometimes letting go of the past

Is the greatest gift in life.

You say fuck the police but let drugs take charge of ya.

You say nothing of substance and I just can’t pardon ya.

A shit time in education, stopped learning, it hardened ya.

Skinny in your cognition, come on, let’s larden ya.

Because you’ve got potential and I’ve seen it

So stop getting off your head and get in it.

By Lyric Deep.

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