Fuck You Like a Downward Facing Dog

When lowering, your weight is forward

Don’t have to tell me twice

Every lean over leads to topple

Every topple leads to face first 

And my nose needs a break, I tell you 

Downward Spiral, could be


It’s a Pretty Hate Machine day

My ears rattle

My feet tap

My heart beats

My arms reach out

And I slap the floorboards with

All my weight forward, all of it

I wonder if he pictured it like this?

No singing bowls

No Lulu Lemon 

No long and rounded erms 

Just a 

I wanna fuck you like an animal

I suppose feel you from the inside

Is a bit similar to bringing it inside 


I tower over my splatter zone 

It’s a slow motion descent

I’m incrementally acclimatising 

To my new resting place



And when he tells me to hover

I lose all hope in my ability to 

Hold myself with any strength at all

Then the doomed words blast:







I collide belly to rubber 

Tits to chin

And think fuck it

Child’s pose is always there for me

And Trent Reznor never claimed to be

A yoga teacher 


By Lyric Deep.

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