Where Everybody Is Somebody

They say the Devil was an angel,

But why the past tense?

Don’t they sense

The raw mystery

Of darkness?

The glory of black,

Or the beauty of swallowed up?

So I’m using present to follow up

My description of the S word

Because there’s a looking glass in all terms

Of negative and positive enforcement

I’m an endorsement of cackle,

Of mosh pit, of crackle and of fire,

And my heart is red, just like the eyes of liars.

Duality is not a disease, it’s balance –

It’s the tiptoe on death row,

The flash mob on the church steps, 

Right under the banner of

“Where Everybody Is Somebody”

Well, my body holds night and day,

It sways in the claws of life and decay

It plays in Eve’s clotted clay

And rolls itself up in Adam’s embrace.

It sees both ways; with its four eyed,

Double lipped face;

I have horns at my temples,

Sharp and great

And I have halos wound round 

My ears and my breasts

A womb that is hungry 

For flesh and for rest

I have splintered fingernails

A rough voice, and a temper that tests

The waters of my feminine

With my masculine’s best.

I go to my hells

In jeans and a vest

Trainers, slippers, DMs

I plait my hair, and tie fabric round my head

With the ink on my fingers

Circling a caress

From the street, I look sweet

Nothing pure that’s been stressed

Just a little girl, with the world suckling from her chest

But what the cars don’t find,

From the simplicity of my flesh,

Is the darkness, the ill, the depressed

Soul that wriggles in its own mess

On these days God calls me his little princess

He calls me his Angel, my beauty fable

And recalls how impressed

He was when I grew my wings

And accepted when he blessed

My third eye, with glowing touch

And how when he made me undress

I wasn’t made aware of my nakedness

Or made to regress into disgust

I ran my cold hands over my hot skin

And raised my tips to my nose, hoovered my musk

I chased over the mounds, the lumps and the bumps

I went in and out, from bellybutton to mouth

And learnt what this body was all about 

I impregnated myself 

Then spawned a million tiny devils from every pit 

And when the world told me they used to be angels,

I’ll admit, I lost it

I ignited in orange and yellow and red spits and licks

My legs kicked in hoofs,

I blew the roof off my arc line and moved into the underworld from the divine 

God spat in my face, pronounced hell as all mine 

And I tried convincing others of his evil for my whole lifetime

But his grip was too strong for my power to climb,

So my children and I were condemned to pickle in the brine

Of our rage and our cries

But the others who joined, saw my other side

They saw the one I still am, not used to be

The softness, the sweet,

The tender skin of my peaches and nectarines

And they giggle in their blackness

In their dark menace

That the whole world gets onto its knees for 

Clasps fingers for, devotes lives to

Mimes to in rebellion and grows out of for the future,

But they don’t see my loved ones and me

As an equal

They don’t see us as dear or as people

Only as fallen, as crawling around in misery

Wishing our duality was won over by God’s claimed purity

But we fight back with the message that

There’s nothing more natural than yin and yang, God just never got the hang 

Of it and had to ban 

Us from his resting pit

We are the outskirts, the rejects, the freaks

But when my two sides meet

And my third eye sees,

When my heart beats

And my voice shrieks,

When my belly eats,

When my spine aligns and I dance from my crown to my feet,

I watch Shiva Shakti sleep with themselves and each other

And love seeps out

With nothing under cover,

No secrets or insecurities

Or hatreds smothered

That’s when I know,

I know,

I know

That I’m Where Everybody Is Somebody!

I stick my thumbs to my temples and wave the other fingers

I poke out my tongue, and savour the taste of blood that lingers

I shake my arse, bend my knees, and flap my wings

I make a fist that smashes high and lick my rings

I sneeze all the bacteria that my nose harbours, and sing

With the whistle of my congestion 

As I fling a glob of phlegm out onto the swing of my legs

And crown myself Queen and

King and


Everybody Is Somebody,

And my body clings

To the debris of past, future and living

I am an epic, an ode, a story for ears to binge

I can’t be found in lines,

In tinfoil or in a syringe

But I am everywhere, and I am somebody

So let everybody feel my sting.

By Lyric Deep.

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