My Lessons Are Blessings

I’ve always moved in acceleration.

Done light years in adolescence,

Lived all my 9 before I got my period

And made up my mind

Before I got any sense.

I’ve done plenty I never meant –

Wrote texts I’ve never sent,

Straightened out kinks

I should’ve bent,

And attended to events

I should’ve left.

I spent years throwing up

To try to make my bumps dents

And my tummy less dense,

But all I was left with

Was the pretence

That you can put your whole

Into fields, and never even

Get past the fence.

I’ve danced, man, I’ve danced,

Even when the rest

Sat, or laughed.

I got over things

I swore I’d never get past

And secured things

I swore would never last.

I’ve conquered mountains

On days 

I didn’t want to get off my arse

And I’ve followed through 

At times 

When all I felt was fart.

I’ve dedicated almost

My whole life to art;

Grew up on Plaster of Paris 

Writing, and homemade crafts 

Which has set me up, kept me alive

And means I never have to buy birthday cards!

I ain’t quite made it

To Kilimanjaro in my bra

Just yet,

But I don’t regret

The moments I used to fret

Over for hours

And I never let

Downers stop the growth of my flowers


Because I’ve built towers

In the face of concrete

And finally harnessed the powers

Of my youth’s deplete.

I’m on my tenth life now,

Ready to growl in the face of hatred

And bow, on my knees,

To the freedom and release

Of love in the highest form of purity.

I’m self healing, 

And I’ve found time for Me,

Time to dig the roots of my insecurities

To plant new quirks and wonders.

My next life may be halted in learning

But I’m alright if that’s the case…

Or it might race past the last set

And make fast in the space let

And before I know it a new one will arrive –

I’ll be full of beans; a sponge to thrive

As I dive head in to my next life. 

I’ll quote the Verve again:

I’m a million different people.

More than I can conceive and

Some have been strong, and some feeble

Some so kind it hurts, and some evil

Some one dimensional, some multiple people

But I’ve learnt from all of them,

And that’s worth more than a life of no overwhelm,

No mental hell and no darkness to dwell

Because if you make every hardship a lesson, they become a blessing.

You become a master of de-distressing the tangled web of messing

About in this world we walk

So stop stressing about your love handles,

Spotty face and awkward talks with those not in your safety net.

Stalk yourself; wander your flesh

And mesh yin and yang with fresh

Ideas of life and death.

Birth is a guarantee in this life; we all go through it –

Those double doors into the light.

And if we make it that far, we’re also promised the exit –

So make sure when it gets to that, you’ve lived your life, and don’t regret it.

By Lyric Deep.

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