A Bit Of Me

I was shaking that first night,

Kind of terrified,

Worried my pride

Was falsified 

And that I weren’t 

Deserving of stage space

With these tried

And tested professionals

Or that my truth

Became lies

As I stood in the spotlights

And spit out bars

Of past lives

So I was shivering 

In my fingertips,

Intimidated by

All the prowess

Of the initiated

They were so good,

So confident,

So integrated

And I got on stage

The music stopped

And I worried my bollocks

Meant the vibes got mitigated 

You two had only met that night

Got on as a duo

And lit the place alight

I watched in awe,

You made me come alive

And it was acts like you

That meant it was possible 

For my flame to ignite

Then fast forward 

To tonight

I was first up,

Cool as a cucumber

And grooving

Moving with the musicians

And losing myself

In the lyrics

Messed up a few lines,

But that ain’t proving

Of inability, I just move on 

As if nothing stumbled me

I weren’t shaking,

I was still, and I was authentic

Then came your turn

I was front row

Heard every bar, as you meant it

Caught your eye a couple times

But what stood out to me

Was your rattling hands

As you read your lines

And I felt like the learnt one

Watching the young try

Something that makes them shake

It weren’t rehearsed or fake

It was so real

And that makes 

It even better than the polished spectacle

Of yesterweek 

Because as you shit yourself on that stage,

In you, I saw a bit of me 

By Lyric Deep.

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