I thought that light spray and bright gap 

In the reflection of the window

Was the ping back of the space that

Fed air through my inner thighs

Until I saw you two’s silhouettes shifting into each other and I realised 

When the breakthrough got smaller and smaller

That I wasn’t growing in size

But that your tongues were wrapped like vines

That it weren’t for me, the glass,

But for the future that’s now past

I sucked all the life from the orange, then the blue, then the pink 

I met God in that moment; I call her OG

I spoke and knew she heard me,

Then the speaker’s song sang out words of love

A likkle link, that rose my sink

And gave my uprising a shove 

I danced and danced; it felt primal 

Like if my feet didn’t move I wouldn’t survive survival 

The strangers pulled me in by waist

And linked me at the shoulders

I relived all my youth, my glory days

But with the edge of being older

We shnuggled into peeling pleather

Lost our connection to reality 

I closed my eyes, became my petals

Then moved onto all the grub when I fell asleep

I wandered every living room, bed and studio

I was “literally weird”, but it was kind of cool, you know

Then we made the brave decision to become horizontal 

Met tigers, lions, men with murder charges,

And looked at orders of beyond and lentil 

But soon the dreamland found us

In thirst and induced hunger 

We shrank back down to size again

Became boys from men,

Sword fighting with sticks like when we were younger

I woke up to see the battlefield

The silver bullets and balloons

With all the curtains closed

I mistook the sun for the moon

I wiggled in the single bed, looking for my double’s room

I took a photo of your legs and felt the-next-day’s truth

Tonight I’ll meet the Oracle once more

We’ll giggle and discuss

I’ll wander streets unknown to me by foot and not by bus

I’ll buy my ladder from the corner shop,

And go to heaven with never-mets that I somehow trust,

And I’ll wake up tomorrow, with a new poem on my tongue. 

By Lyric Deep.


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