Come Up/Down

Comment on the come up, not the come down

Don’t let those nightmares clown you till you drown 

Never hold yourself to sadness’ standards

Or only see yourself when you drop your crown

There’s a million moments to embarrass yourself, but recovery can start right now

If the mornings after are the worst days, then fix the nights before

Don’t sharpen your talons, just unhinge your claws

Free yourself from those chains of no change

And reroute the course

Because there’s nothing you can’t achieve

When you ain’t dabbling in the raw, sore chew of “I need more”

Don’t snore through vital moments, don’t cry when the world smiles

Don’t say nothing to yourself now that you wouldn’t say to you as a child

And even if you can’t stand your reflection, body, soul or mind

Understand that the cloud of fucked-up won’t make that kind

Shit don’t just become shine, especially overnight

So muster up the courage to treat yourself to time

Enjoy all its aching seconds, its ageless minutes and aggressive hours

Because in those clock ticks is a chance to regain your powers

It may be months before your strength shows, but we’re flowers

We need to nurture before we grow

So tend to your seedbeds, not seedy beds

And let the water flow

Cry out all the trauma, all the unwanted touches, and forgotten nights

Fill a bucket full of makeups that shouldn’t of happened and regretted fights

Watch your life like it’s telly, Gogglebox yourself and rate bits from one to ten

Burn old photos you love and hate and forget about forgotten friends

This journey ain’t linear and there’s no fads or fashions or trends

Just push through to the end of the beginning and don’t give in before the beginning ends

You deserve your denouement 

Your climax and rose-petal glory

Your applause and celebration

When you stand up and share your story

The pen may only be half a sentence at this point on the road

But one day you’ll have a whole three parter

That other people struggling need to know

Don’t give up now – I get it, it’s cliche and over used

But if you opt for love and growth under torture and abuse

You’ll never see those clear eyes, those pink cheeks or smooth nails

You’ll never see the joy of brightness as the sun prevails

Or just fuck off all I’m saying, and tomorrow cure a headache

Eat the slop from the kebab shop and pump a heartbreak

And whether it’s tomorrow afternoon, or in a decade

I’ll be here, with the same advice, ready for you to take 

By Lyric Deep.

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