When she was treating me terribly

I justified it

Because she loved me

Love is ruination 

It is promising not to leave

Before you pack your bags

And don’t bring your keys

It is saying I’m the bad vibes

When I’ve been dark all week but

Should’ve turn light when she arrived

It is saying I’m not good enough

Because those others

Are better so deserve more love

It is telling her crowd

That I’m fucked in the head

When my head ain’t around

It is when she don’t hold my hand

After months of fingers laced 

Because the things I grasp she can’t stand 

It is the flame from the gaslight

Not from the passion or desire

The strongest fire is when it ain’t right

It is being left for the wolves

On the other end with no speaker

Screaming into voids and empty pools

It is being told I am weak

For the things that bring me comfort

In a body where ease is all it needs

It is revisiting the pyres of my pain

When she knows the edge it gives my smooth

But can’t stop kicking me down memory’s lanes

That’s Love.

But it’s not, is it?

It is when she don’t need to do it

But she does and wants to

Because she sees that we’ve been through it

It is when I am naive and trying

I’m unlearnt and young, then

She gives her wings for my high flying 

It is when I feel my types of ways

And I can turn to her and say

Anything, it’s validated, not scathed

It is when I don’t like the same

But she gets me my opposite

And we feast together without shame

It is when I miss her but keep mute

Then she rings first because 

She knows the patterns of my roots

It is when I feel so at ease, so safe

I sleep and dream my life

Because I am in her space

It is being heard when I tell my truth

Instead of her telling me, she

Gives my identity muscle and thoughts proof

It is her passing to me before the left

Making sure I’m sorted

Without second thought or breath

It is when I’m turning leaf anew

And she buys me my seeds

Because she believes in everything I do

Love is not ruination

Love is rebirth

Love is meant to be overflowing


And I am dying everyday

To love again

By Lyric Deep & FRANK.

(This poem was a collaboration between a dear friend and I – a beautiful process with a beautiful outcome)

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