Got VIP, priority, 

Cos of my network

Had Faith in the line, with love as my net worth 

Dropped off coats, two for one

Some tap water and out of date crisps

Looking round I knew I didn’t fit in

I got all 70s for a show in the now

It was a little bit Naughties, really

And I got a little bit naughty in the crowd

Held a spliff between my fingertips

And let the smoke out with my head down

But no hi-vis came swooping in 

So I knew, the O2, was sound

Speaking of which, the line up was a glitch

It seemed to go from what I was dressed like

Then switched to the main body

It weren’t organised properly

But when the intermission faded, the green light shone

All the complaints and moaning subsided

And the restlessness was gone

The curtains flashed open, and there stood Tyron

Ready for a couple hours of jump about and mosh

Two bodies were drug from the crowd with that verb being their downfall 

Word on the curb was k-hole

They flopped through all gooey and uncool 

But everyone was on the same

So they knew what was at fault

We bounced about and filmed the tunes

He waved out his family 

And played the olds and the news

He tricked us at the end, made out the set was over

Everyone feeling suddenly sober, they turned to the door, man,

Then he bust back on stage with Door Man 

And every body leapt over

Afterwards we headed to the Golden Arches

And waited for chips

Felt they were down, but finally got our grub and our dips

Went Victoria’s carriage, she carried us partly

I got off at Green Park and carried on my party

Slipped my headphones on 

And sparked the 

Songs to pump blood but I hardly

Could match what the stage gave 

I mean this in the best way, it was nasty

Couple stops before my own 

I spotted a fella with a white rose

It drooped at the stem as it told

My imagination stories, oracles spoke of heartbreak

Then it was my turn for the cold and I left him on his journey

And to his mistakes

I got into bed, my belly still raving

My ears craving the vibrations 

And my heart racing

My Faith succeeded, and we met in our dreamlands

With a lazy day after our elating

As our bond was inflating

I got new inspirations for my own words

Now that I’ve listened to him, I can’t wait to be heard. 

By Lyric Deep.

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