Primrose Ill

She said come Primrose

To watch the sunset 

But I knew my presence

Wasn’t wanted

So I laid the other side of the field

Wishing it was a double date

But instead I’m just third wheeling

My mate

Maybe I’m too much

Actually, I know I am

I know I’m a lot to take

I get nervous and spill out

All this shit as if

I ate

It for my breakfast

He was feckless with me

And I was reckless with him

There’s a full moon tonight

I watch the sky dim

Wishing I could go to that pub

A stone throw from me

Neck a JD and flirt with the old boys

That see in me

That easy access

But this is a rehearsal, a practice

To stomach discomfort


And give love even if, to me

It ain’t shown 

I don’t want to ruin nothing

For anyone

Not even myself

So I just chain smoke in the big one

Shiver my tanned skin

In the disappearance of the sun

Feel a crumb in the scatter of bodies

That huddle

But right now I’d do anything

For your cuddle

I still get embarrassed when I ask

What the cheapest backy is

But in times like this

Who can judge

The rollies I puff are only really a smudge

Of the charcoal crushed

Against my body right now

She’s watching the moon ascend

But let’s not pretend

It could ever compete with her beauty 

Because those technicolour ruffles

She got on

Have ripped right through me

I’m truly

On my ones out here

I see that now

I need to allow it

And learn how to serve

Jack Jones

Swallow and spit out

Then reshape

All the curve balls life throws 

These old ends

Make me think of old me and 

Bring up old friends

But I couldn’t like myself back then

So am I even in that bunch?

I have a hunch

A few years from now

I’ll be let down

And find myself back to square one

Becuase I’m no longer jealous of you

For fucking your life up

Worst than I ever did 

Or could or would 

And I always feel my most insecure at a crossing

Stood being assessed by the others 

Avoiding hossing mopeds 

And stopping ahead of green

Because when I’m waiting there

I feel so seen

So exposed

I hate putting fags out to relight them

But I’d rather go through the O2 centre than round it

This time of night

I wanna pass women right now

Who cower like I do 

In the missing daylight 

When will you come home to me?

By Lyric Deep.

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