Your Skins Strike Again

Jumped the gun again

Ain’t ya babe?

Let the rage dictate

And slated things 

That have now made

The others hate

Like you do on those days

When the pages 

Are stuck like wet Rizla

But I’m scared of your next move

I don’t want you to prove

Me right

I want to lose

I want to be laughed at

And called a liar

But the damper my papers


The closer you come

With your fire 

I’m yet the victim 

Of your viscousness

But I’m witness 


Mouthpiece and fiddle

Left watching you swing

Polar to polar

While I’m feckless

In the middle

Although I muddled up my speech

I never saw it coming that you would 

Take all my teachings

And blow them out the windows

At full speed

But I spose 

You twisted every word I spoke

What’s that old saying?

Nought as queer as folk

And you’re odder

Than even

The strangest I’ve entangled

Star studded

And spangled

But strangled

By the acrylic nailed

Claws that mangle


I no longer know

How to handle you 

But I do know for definite

It’s not

So I don’t know why I’m 

Even bothering

To hope

But it’s better to get

The scope

Than be dismissed

Without a clue

There’s still 

A part of me

That hopes it’s not 


So I’m nursing

Bullet wounds

And an impulsive

Trigger finger

All the moves have been made

The Skins weren’t save

But still our smoke 


By Lyric Deep.

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