Open Eyed

I could’ve cried

But I didn’t

Good riddance

Ain’t like it’s forbidden

But I keep

All this stuff


For reasons

I ain’t up for


But just know

By sitting

With me through 

This episode

After it’s bitten

Is hitting

Heart strings

That never

Thought they’d

See remission 

This and that’s

Been christened

But listen

I’m finally 

Seeing the world

And it’s different

To what I always


Seems expectations

Were just


And you can have


Without friction

You’ve got the sugar

Me the milk

And we’ve been


But it ain’t 

Just my appetite

That’s been fixing

This recipe

Ain’t what 

I was wishing

For but I just

Can’t smash

My plates

As they’re dishing

Ain’t even like

My fingers roamed

Leaving home

For fishing

They just happened

Upon this vessel

That’s a blessing 

I’ve never been one

To need fresh air

Or been a person

That’s for stressing

When I don’t care

It ain’t about appearances

Painted lips or dressing

But something richer


That leads to me


I feel like

I’m convalescing

From a life long


That was nesting 

I’m falling from clouds

With a fresh knack

To breathing

And I promise

It’ll be a while

Until the next time

I’m leaving.  

By Lyric Deep.

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