Star Less

I wish you’d just die

So I didn’t have to speak to you

Or maybe I should peg it

Due to thinking

The things I do

There’s too much fluff 


In la di da di da di 

But I’ve always

Had a soft spot 

For fruitcakes, largely 

I’m so paranoid recently

Petrified of my streets

Worried the world’s

Finally clocked onto the fact

I ain’t special

The fact I ain’t gonna be spared

So I keep looking over my shoulder

Thinking if I’m prepared

It won’t hurt as much

When dared

But I’m just waffling back foot

Cos I’m scared

Sometimes I wonder

If I should go all

Nose ring and long hair

Get proper into hugs

And care

About wars that don’t know 

Bout the air

I breathe

Or if it’s better 

I go the grubby route

And just leave it

I don’t believe

In nuffink no more

I just heave closed pores

To open doors

Spread out on all fours

And remember

I never text you back

Even though I marked it unread 

Twenty times

Since it landed

I swear I’ve always done everything

Cack handed

I spill and stumble

Stain and mumble

And I can’t stand it

Every time there’s thunder

It’s God laughing at me

Like his travesty’s gone exactly

How he planned it

But I required team

And he left me

With no one to man it

I resort to extreme measures

And painful pleasures

In pursuit of some treasure

Promised before

Man favoured leisure 

I had all the answers

Before I didn’t

And now all those answers

Feel hidden

I quite enjoy

Having excuses for being useless

And summink to blame

When I don’t listen

Cos I’m wrapped up in my own

With dark thoughts being cut into crystals

Watch as they glisten

Then glide that debit card

Along the dusted line

As taste buds Christian 

But the comedown

From my missions

In my own brain

Leave me in remission

Baffled how one after the other

Popped illicit

I feign some da di da di la

Go all a Capella 

But if no one hears you 

When you sing real good

Does it even matter?

I don’t really hope for brown bread

It’s those intrusive thoughts again

But I’ll admit, just a bit

I hope I break your heart so bitterly

That it’ll never mend

Just so I got some company

In the starless

And twisted


By Lyric Deep.

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