Another End, Another Start 17/12/22

17/12/22 And another year wraps itself up. Snow came early and the cold came committed. Christmas is right round the corner even though halloween feels like it was yesterday. The days go slow but suddenly another week has passed by. You get a lot done but it still don’t feel enough. Yet what a 2022 [...]

Sticky One 17/11/22

17/11/22 This month I wanted to do something a little bit different for the newsletter. I am posting a short story, piece of prose I wrote a few months ago, called 'Sticky One'. To all my survivors: we got this. Enjoy. “You gotta be careful wid dem typesa girls, blud.” He burns the excess skin [...]

22 For 22 17/10/22

17/10/22 I turned twenty-two nine days ago. We celebrated the new age with a Britney Spears themed party, bare country music and a lovelee, good time between friends. Each year after my birthday I use my newsletter to talk about some things I’ve learnt the past three-sixty-five, and this one has been a big cluster [...]

Learn As I Listen 17/09/22

17/09/22 I moved into my new home over a month ago now. I live with three of my dearest mates; two from Lyric Deep Ltd. The musical atmosphere has got me inspired, in both my own creativities but also in devouring others’. I want to use this newsletter to talk about some music I’ve been [...]

Sobriety Is Complex 17/09/22

17/09/22 Not drinking is hard. Maybe for some it don’t bother so much. But for people like me, where it can consume them, it is bloody hard. I’ve been sober now over two and a half years.  I started drinking early in adolescence, and it was my main vice to escape issues I was too [...]

Stage-a-Gwanin’ 17/07/2022

17/07/22 Eek, I am finally getting some opportunities to perform on stage! After spending so much time building your art up, it can feel like a big ball of energy that you want to send spinning into the world. Each rehearsal makes the fire burn brighter. Each question from mates asking ‘When? Where?’ chucks another [...]

Ode To My People 17/05/2022

17/05/2022 I’ve recorded the EP! FINALLY! My seven piece band and I spent the 16th and 17th of April in Satellite Studios, Enfield, securing our months of hard work into a fixed project that we can share with the world. I feel so proud, and so excited.  After going to an Orii Jam in Hackney [...]