Time For Me

I had to separate myself from the irresponsibility. 

It don’t mean you man value at any less to me

But I don’t wanna waste my week

Just looking forward to Saturdee. 

I got ambition

I got things I want to be and

Want to see.

I don’t just wanna trot through life dizzily,

Clumsily, gripping to instancy 

Cheating skilfully 

And suffering wilfully.

I wanna learn things, earn things

Not just crown top billers degree. 

And quite happily, I could sit around 

Smoking green

But I’ve found it regresses me, viscously.

Every night I thought I’d had an epiphany 

But I’d wake up with forgotten memory. 

Embarrassed, I’d lost my dignity. 

My tummy turning, hungover acidity and I was

Sulking through every day, unhappily. 

My fingers got sticky, and I lost a lot of sympathy; 

Caught getting my dinner on CCTV. 

I was looking for balance 

But only got asymmetry. 

Consistently running with stupidity. 

Initially my words was poetry

Then they become explicit predictability.

I lost my originality and

My efficiency.

I lay in bed until noon just day dreaming. 

Then the moon came down and

I went out causing chaos publicly.

Drank like a fish and my lips kissed promiscuously,

Fighting on the bus, living irritably 

I was provoked easily with

Serotonin insufficiency

And I poured anything down me, religiously.

Always running from my indignity, 

I was myself but artificially,

Persistently unsatisfactory and

Ceaselessly failing miserably 

With my hardship proclivity.

But I don’t just want to be another waisted youth epitome

And I’ve got resiliency

So watch me turn my life around three sixty.

Free myself from this mental captivity,

Decondition my delinquency

And rejection of divinity.

I love you all unconditionally 

But I need this time for me…


By Lyric Deep.

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