Tidy Up

I changed my bed sheets when she went home

I couldn’t sleep without the smell of her gone

I cleaned the flat as soon as she left

Like being underwater, coming up for breath

I ran a bath once I was on my own

Washed off the feel of her, right down to the bone

Finally I cleaned up my mess

So maybe her leaving was for the best

It was a bad idea, I couldn’t say no

I reminisce with tears stained on my cheekbones

She took my heart when she slipped out of her dress

But in retrospect it made me think of her less

I tell her now, all her chances are blown

Her memories faded and her love unknown

My sweet tidy up released such stress

Our final kiss goodbye was a foreign caress

All this heartbreak in the world she roams

Blind eyes to the love she’s shown

I feel clean now with this to rest

My heart free and my pressure unpressed

By Lyric Deep.

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