My heads done in.

I drown in red, 

I’ve sunk in.

I evaluate my life and I’ve flunked in

All that matters…

But (I tell myself) it’s nothing.

I’m scuffling round the issue, 

So let’s jump in.

I’m Fucked-up


Neurotic and 


Let’s just say I’m fine.

Roll another spliff and pour another glass of wine

And pretend everything that’s wrong is right

Or at least just for tonight.

If in the morning things don’t feel quite 

As light as they have in this darkness,

And in the sunshine, power don’t feel benign 

And we’re destroyed by what we’ve harnessed

Then I have a word that may help, 

Something from this heart of mine

I declare you just like me

You’re Fine.

By Lyric Deep.

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