How To Fix Your Broken Human:

Part one:

• Check to see if they are truly broken.

(The best technique for this is

Listening to the words unspoken)

• Check for fractures & loose screws,

• Check for a broken heart, a liver bruised.

• Check for wet cheeks & tears soaking.

• Check for any signs of abuse.

(These are just some of the biggest clues)

• Check for secrecy & darkened languages,

• Check for hidden wrists & red soaked bandages.

• Check for nibbled nails, check half eaten sandwiches.

(It’s crucial to check their brains –

The cause of most Human damages.)

• Check for lonely nights

And old friends forgotten.

Paintings of barren trees

That long for blossom.

• Check for lusts of danger – drug use is common.

• Check for past blazing passions that have softened.

If the answer is yes, they are broken

Then your Human’s in need of repair.

Don’t worry, just read on,

We have the solution there.

Part Two:

Now, approach with tenderness

And loving movements

Only gentle touch

Will bring improvements.

Wounds can heal,

But this’ll take some trying

No need for force

Or muscle or prying.

Your human is broken,

Often no fault of their own.

They may be longing for peace

Or embrace or home.

The trick to this fixing

Is understanding.

Identify the root

And our tips, when handling.

(You’ll find this in part three

The plan’s all there)

A broken Human

Needs simply love & care.

If attempts are done poorly

Or with wrong intentions

The Human may never fix so


The most common mistake

Is rushing in too quickly

With goals of swift mend,

Laying the healing on too thickly.

Don’t lie to your Human,

Don’t say what you think they must hear.

You need to provide trust

And an action plan that is clear.

If done without pure intent

The Human will see through it.

You’ll break yourself,

Wondering how you blew it.

(We have other instructions availible

On fixing your own breakage!

Only 2.99 or £5 for double)

Broken Humans feel scared, they feel naked.

They don’t want to share what is hurting

They’ll recoil to touch

Explain your desires to help

But remember – don’t rush.

So, we’ve covered the cautions

Let’s move onto the next steps.

It is a big task ahead

But we have you covered, don’t fret.

Part Three:

This is a three-step process, planned out with clarity.

Read on, with an open mind and a heart of charity.

1 – Watch the Human

Observe their destruction

Pick up on the little parts

That contribute to the whole

Piece them together & start to unfold

Now you have a grasp

On the cause of this splinter

Begin investigating their history

Happenings that caused pain

Link them to now & it’ll start to explain

Look into other cases of Humans

With the same memories

The same traits and issues

Educate yourself on these fragments

Then identify what is absent

What hasn’t your Human got?

What are they missing?

Do they need a friend, a child?

A lover? Community?

What can you offer them, suitably?

Now take that role

Give the Human what’s needed

Establish a plan to remove the darkness

And put back in the light

Now move onto Step Two for the bite.

2 – Approach the Human

Explain what you’ve found

That they are broken, need fixing

That you’re here to help

But ultimately, they will heal themselves.

Tell them bluntly what’s wrong

Often Humans neglect their problems

They don’t see if they are hurting

And need to be told so

Do it warmly, not cold, though.

Promise your support

Explain you’re here for the journey

That you want them to get better

Not for you, but for their own wealth

And first step is recognising their ill health.

They will fight back and argue

Deny and storm off

They will call you names you can’t bare

Blame you for their drawbacks

They don’t mean any of it; it’s survival to attack.

Embrace them, if they let you

Explain what needs to be done

That life is not lived, if depressed

And they can’t keep going if they’re broken

If you’re lucky now, they will start to open.

3 – Support the Human

And don’t forget your promises

Don’t let them down when you’re bored

This is a marathon, not a sprint

There will be dips & trips and tough stints.

Let them pour out their rage

Frustrations and bad thoughts

On the days these arise

Not every happy Human is perfect

In time, yours will learn that.

Lift them up by sharing your joys too

Find equity in the loads

Once they start helping you

They won’t feel so guilty for taking your time

And will learn from you too, as the trust climbs.

This is not an overnight procedure

Broken Humans need support and dedication

If you offer this, with rational advice

And don’t let the darkness slip in with such ease

Your Human will fix what’s broken with the step’s expertise.

Finally, just love

That’s the greatest gift of them all

It saves every Human, in the tragedies of life

Softens all inevitable harsh slaps

And if none of this works, we guarantee money back.

By Lyric Deep.


  1. Written with enormous sensitivity and grace… you just keep on improving… I am no expert but I truly believe this is your current line of creativity…. Keep on keeping on darling girl….


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