Kitten Don’t Need The Cream No More

I’m a better person than I was yesterday

and tomorrow will be the same, 


that’s all I can hope for.

My brain fattening like the lentil, otherwise I have to ask –

what did it soak for? 

Yesterday I had all these ideas,

these ambitions and plans I was stoked for.

Now I’m a new mind, a new kind,

working on little tweaks,

and fixing my bespoke flaws.

I’ve started working on behaviour that I’m less than proud of,

I’ve started hearing symphonies in my head, with life’s sound off,

I’ve started grinding for my passions that for years I’ve clowned off,

I’ve started dressing up again, after months of leaving the gowns off,

(It was like me and the mirror had a problem, fighting over a frown off)

I’ve put down the bottle, facing my fears that I would usually drown off,

And I stopped beating myself with ferocity, my touch is now soft.

I’m tender, and I’m ready to de-claw myself,

ready to paw myself like a kitten in search of mama’s milk –

soft, yet certain, sensitive, yet set –

ready to have my ends met and myself rebuilt. 

By Lyric Deep.

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  1. Enjoying your views on how you see things and so importantant to let them out like a stream of the soul flowing out of you and not just bashing up against an inner wall that creates a turballance from inside..
    Well done….


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