Here’s A Bit Of Me For You

There is nothing more important

Than sharing yourself with others

Even if their reaction isn’t what you were looking for, 

If you wanted more or are left feeling sour, sore

With a rage in your core

Because you needed that cage of You

Poured out and explored 

And pawed over,

Crawled through and only scored

A small applause and pat on the back

But all that is just the tiniest piece of the pack

Because the fact you opened up, and cracked the case wide open

Is what matters 

Their opinions may lack what you were hoping for

But now you’re not holding onto damage, like before

You’re free and you’re emptying your vessel

This has nothing to do with the ears that caught it

It’s all about this spilling out

Of the wrestling words that you pout about constantly

Hiding the inside from friends and family

Now finally being able to say

“Please stand with me”

Like you stand by them

Whether it be a sports game, your singing voice or your poetry

Your exam mark, your gardening, your art

Your makeup skills, the thing you’ve filmed, your science project

The dress you stitched, the bad habit you ditched, your fresh start

Your perfect blood sugars, your clear skin, your yoga pose

Your Instagram post, your new job, your new hope

Your book being published, your petals that have flourished

Or a new love

Your therapy sessions, your healed wound, your favourite song

Your booked gig, your step count or a new mate

You getting on stage, writing a play

Or the fish that caught your bate 

Your high score on your favourite game, you getting out of bed for the first time in days

Changing the bin bag and taking a breath before washing your hands

No matter what, here’s the stage now take your stand

The world needs to hear your victories and future ones you have planned

Censorship and hiding is over, the slave self is falling

And if you’ve got a talent to share, then get it out there

And stop stalling…

By Lyric Deep.

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