Lady Of The Rings

He wanders my heart’s chambers

Like Gandalf, light-of-his-staff-less and blinded 

In the winding, dark caves of Moria

And of course, he meets his Balrog

He meets his fire and his shadows

He meets his falling demise 

Straight into the darkness of me and my beating love

But I’m no fellowship. I’m not the braveness 

And knowledge and strength 

Of those seven bodies

I’m just the fragile eyes of Sméagol

As he watches his precious leave him

Over and over and over again 

And all he really has is his desperation 

His scheming and his riddles

So I don’t reach a hand down 

I don’t save him from my plunging deeps

I just stand on the single file bridge

And spill out of Kazad-Dûm’s doors

As Durin’s Bane herself

By Lyric Deep.

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