Knock Knees Please

Knock knees with me please

Tangle toes and trip up fingers 

Over my lines and creases

Breath into my cupped palms

Suck your belly up in my arms

Dig your elbows into my ridges

Scratch my shins with uncut nails

Lick my forehead with your split ends

Kiss me at the coil of my snake

Clutch my skin between your teeth

Pull my flesh like bubblegum

Blow life into the rolls of my belly

Kneed your thumbs on my spine

Kick me softly in your sleep 

Kiss me tenderly in all your waking 

Hum between my thighs with gusto

Dance on my organs with levity 

Circle my head with protectiveness 

Spoil my clean flesh for bedtime

Dig dirt out of my fingernails

Spit it back in my throat for dreaming

Bubble on top of my muscles

Boil over my aches and soreness

Pour yourself into my every corner

Headbutt my hamstrings, I beg you

Roll your knuckles on my collarbones

Blow raspberries into my scalp

Never touch me conventionally

Hold me always in our strangeness

And promise to never apologise for it

By Lyric Deep.

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