Used To Be Fun Though

It goes like this right:

the mood will be like,

Perfect, and the vibes light.

There will be laughing

and, just a little, play fight,

Some flirting!

and a few “oh I might”s,

then the papers come out,

the baggies and the Stoners’ tackle.

Fingers will pinch,

tongues lick,

lighters will get passed round

and the ashtray a flick.

The room will thin out

as the light gets kicked,

dnd it’ll be all introverted,

into ourselves and sick

with thoughts we keep close

that’ve revealed themselves quick.

We’ll pass coke cans,

take timid sips,

focus on our fingernails

as talking becomes tentative,

we’ll spend our time quiet

spend the whole night like this,

fall asleep, meet our dreams 

and trip

out on the sofa,

in our mate’s attic,

then comes morning,

we’ll rave about all this!

Say what a sick time we had

and how sad we are that it’s finished.

We’ll plan to meet again soon,

count the days till it comes.

Make sure the shotter’s about

so we can turn up with our drugs

and laugh at the fool

Wishing for blunt with just crumbs

and spend another night

just twiddling thumbs.

I always wonder why?

we keep going like this, it’s dumb.

Better off in our own beds

with our own brains and lungs

rather than burning oyster 

to sit and bun, mumble and bum,

because my wallet ain’t getting fatter

or my memories more fun…

I want to go see the world, dance with strangers

or lay out in the sun,

play board games rather than bored games,

go out for dinner, not chicken and chip slum

but no one else sees the roundabout

I seem to be the only one.

So next time I’ll let your lips drop

but mine with stay lifted –

I’m gonna be t-total

and watch how my old self shifted

from giggles and theories

to insecure and minted

in moments I can’t remember

or times I want to forget.

I ain’t gonna sit quiet

with my knees to my head,

I ain’t gonna stare into the distance,

or ask you to repeat what you said.

I’m gonna be alert, saying words

and feel revived from dead.

By Lyric Deep.


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