Thank You From A Skank Who

In that photo you called me beautiful in

I hadn’t washed for days

My knickers were glued to me

And my chest was laid

With red marks as my bra 

Never left it’s resting place

I’d smoked at least 300 fags

And my fingers were yellow stained

My skin was pimpled, my legs hairy

And my ribs poked out of my frame

That eczema mark on my neck

Looked like a button, it was ablaze

I hadn’t manage to scrub all my makeup off

And my breath rivalled dogs in many ways 

I worried as I got up,

From the train seat where I lay

That the next poor sod who sat there

Would catch me lingering and then be blamed

I rummaged my nose and black fell out

And my completion turned from beige to grey

But this was my 3D experience, you only got some pixels

It was me, yes, but I’m glad it was only digital

Because if you paid full price, 

You’d beg for a refund and be miserable

I ain’t that glossy lip, that smudged eyeliner 

Or that lace

I ain’t that clear skin or sucked in face

I ain’t that held in belly, 

That cool style right now or tender grace

I’m with my plus one on the ride home

They’re wafting from my armpits

I’m walking Kilburn High Road

In my Crass top like I’ve been savaged

The back of my feet are bleeding

Ripped and blistered and damaged

Caught between strut and limping

Like a half mouldy sandwich

So, thank you for the compliments

The boost, the love, the ignorance of the bad bits

It reminded me what I can be

When I’ve not been up all night or my body used

So when I got home and looked into that mirror

I didn’t think of insults, I thought of You

By Lyric Deep.

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