Shad, Oh

He’s a shadow

And he leans in when I kiss him

He’s getting darker 

For his without when I’m with him

Not like before

When it was only within 

I feel guilty

When I really admit I miss him

But I get off scott free

Because no one ever listens

Other than him, but 

He’s my notes’ piston 

I suppose I prefer him dull

Otherwise he mutes my shine’s glisten

And his cold touch

Is better than none or mittened

Because I want him naked,

Nothing covered or missing 

He’s more than a shadow now

He’s a spirit in my vision

A face next to mine in reflections

A pair of lips in my ear, hissing

But strangers on the street

Only see little me skipping

I’m his full body, fleshed out vessel

His obsessive, God-given mission

But he turns to dust

Every time our tongues meet collision

I’m nothing without my soul, though

So he will always be forgiven.

By Lyric Deep.

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