Pukka Poem

Wishing good on those you hate is tricky

I get sticky

With the sour syrup of

“Miss me with that wishy-

Washy wishing”

And get pissy with my heart

As it tricks me 

Into giving out those prayers

In moments of quiet 

Throwing cares at me

Like frisbees

And hitting every artery 

With the mastery

Of beating mind over matter

And allowing my belly

To tell me

To not shatter

At the tattered grip of carpet

When I’m all silk

And to stop letting the ill

Trip of guilt

From those not of my ilk

Try to combat

My lilt into comfortability 

It sometimes seems silly to me

But all I am is human,

And that’s magic, really

I have all these abilities

And I can learn

Those not in my wheelhouse yet

Nothing in the future is set

And the past

Don’t waste itself on regret

It only fades into the sands

Of my present’s shores

I’m more 

Flesh than spirit,

My mind tells me

But I know it only speaks out of rivalry

For its spiritual sibling

Fibbing in the face of,

Well, it’s face,

And sent off

For time outs 

On the spouts of my chest

As it distresses the compressed

Zone of my survival muscles

Weighing in on matters

That only the heart

Claims it’s equipped for

But when they work in harmony

When they say 

“Up the laws”

And crawl through my make belief

They make me

A body worth embodying 

So today I’m in the dressing room

Legs crossed

And hem line splintered

Expunging all the shit I’ve hinted

At to these two for years now

Ensuring their ears are out

And they’re taking in

Every word

Because they can’t play dumb

When I’ve confirmed

They’re learnt

They fight back, of course

I don’t expect such a quick turn

Bickering and blurting out

Shit that the telly would blur

They love each other so much

It turns to hate 

They are struggling 

On the wishing good

And can’t help but berate

Things about the other 

That the other wish would

Become their party trick

I see their mutual one wish

And flick my eyelashes

In flirty convincing

And it seems

To have kick

Because before I know it

They find union

Turn their passion towards me

And this is no well wishing

Just a dishing out of 

Glistening crowds

Of hot spit 

And nasty tactics

To turn me off my wish

Of a threesome

They explain how we’re individuals

Not a “fucking commune”

That I can’t expect organs to balloon

In love so soon

And how they think I’ve confused

My belly with my brain

My arse with my heart

And I feel harpooned

Like I’ve gone from the light of the sun

To the chill of the moon

The night from the afternoon

In a split second

And lost my boon 

Of all those hippy-dippy offerings

Maybe I got the approach wrong

And that’s all there was to it

So next time I try to become enlightened,

I’ll do it my own way, screw it

I’ll smoke and drink and swear and think

Of myself as the mightiest

I’ll leave heart and brain

To pickle in pain

Won’t pick up strain for them every again

And see myself as all spirit

Not physical

Get miserable in the lumps

Of my flesh

And cynical in the dumps

Of my depressed states

That caress me when I lose

My way

Oh, fuck it, come on now

Let’s put this rivalry behind us

Don’t let my heart mind us

Or my brain find us stupid

And just rot together 

In ecstasy

Because I can’t divide anymore,

I just have to be

All of me 

By Lyric Deep.

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  1. Splendid❗️👏❗️ Hugh Hug,

    Still recouperating …. xoxo 😘

    Annika Bratt ❗️NEW❗️annika.bratt@posteo.net Dickhardtstrasse 4 DE12159 BERLIN-Friedenau Tel. +49(0)30 814 86 814 Mob.+49(0)151 517 38068 ⚓️ SOMMERVISTE 422 Brattås, ORUST SE47395 HENÅN,🇸🇪 Sweden Mob.(0)70 6060 855



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