The Bubble of Trap

I didn’t feel the pain when I was with you

But now it’s like my chest has been caved in 

Paved in and pounded with metal fists

Splintered by atomic hits

Ripped like a prepubescent’s wrists

And fitting like the lekky boxes’ trips 

I keep tugging at my top ribs

Hoping to alleviate some of it

But the twists only turn further

And the bites happen so quick they become bit

Before I know it

We chat and chit, I don’t feel shit

I forget my condition’s wit

Sit with this monkey on my tits

But I’m numb under your thumbs

I twirl, I don’t fit

I did a whole monologue, a whole life’s narrative

Without so much as a rumble

I never fumbled with my bra straps

Or tumbled into past traps

I just read from the screen and you liked that

Then you went for tequila, lemon over orange 

I got chips and as I tipped my hat

My heart started swinging from its door hinge 

It binged itself on eruption

Fissured with corruption 

Pushed all the pressure of my parts and pits 

To my belly with gumption 

I got lost in the audacity of me

I bubbled

Rumbled with love’s muddles

And snuggled into puddles from ocean buckets of needed cuddles

I huddled every lost touch into my clavicles 

Pushed spectacles into pasty’s redness 

And drew him

But my skin doesn’t go that dark

So I stood stark in the desperate mess of the marks 

Like a silver fish to a shark

Sniffing round for devouring 

Showering in the attention

Rather than the distention’s clenching tension 

On the parts of me I won’t mention

Depending on the bending fingertips of someone who can’t witness

The outpour of hell that I hide with my heaven

In his meditations I find venom

I listen, ears pricked and lips pretending 

To have retort, and ascension 

He’s my God, a god, he’s tense and

All I can do is massage my own muscles

In hope of unclenching 

I’d like to be drenching him in wisdom not fencing him off out of fear

But if he’s here then my exit is near

Because any minute it can come

And the waters turn murky from clear

He’s always been good at staying afloat and I’ve always been great at not

I had a couple chances there

And I’ve blown the fucking lot. 

By Lyric Deep.


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