I Love a Good Fantasy

I don’t need some swashbuckling rogue

To come sweep me off my toes

And keep me off my feet

Or come pirating my heartbeat 

I don’t need saving from the defeat

Of my femininity

Or the deplete of my concrete

When it becomes buttered meat 

After he touches me

I’m more than a maiden needing saving

I don’t want him swooping in all caped and draped

In the drama of hero slamming heroin

I don’t need no double oh seven 

Or elegance 

No suited and booted and pouting

I don’t need saddled up and mounting

Or love that’s shared through shouting

I don’t want a happy ending

If it requires a man defending his body from

Beasts in quest of me 

I don’t want the dragon, the castle

Or the curse after sundown 

I don’t need that quiet moment before lip lock

The door knock, then the ‘Run. Now!’

I don’t want to be what he

Scoops up and kisses better

That incomplete story

Who’s ink only gets wetter with his tender quilling 

I don’t want someone who’s willing

To fight to death, and as he’s killing

To use his last breath to finally

Confess his love for me

Yeah, nah. 

What I want’s a man who’ll let me be the big spoon

Who don’t mind it when it’s me holding his hand 

I want to make him swoon

And stare at the moon with his chin in his hands

And his eyes sinking in the dreamy

Wetlands of surrender 

I want that casualness and clumsiness;

That neverender 


I don’t want anything.

All I want is Him to be just that

To not feel obliged to dive into traps

Or die to impress me and let that

Make our abundances just scraps

I don’t want no man in a box

Because nothing gets my rocks off more

Than a bloke feeling good about himself

And understanding the one by his side

Has got his back

Because if I don’t make him swell in self-pride

Then we weren’t made for each other

And that’s that. 

By Lyric Deep.

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