I Remember Forgetting You

I love it when you move like no one’s watching

And under the guise of plastic reflection

I see you, truly

But you are clueless, you’re moving

And I move less

Because if I’m caught, the show’s over

And I can’t bare to sit here for an hour

With nothing but a digital reality

And paper pages to flip

I’d clip eyelashes if they blurred you

I’d slip toothpicks in between lids 

To not miss a minute of you…just sitting there

I love how you represent jeans and messy hair

Trainers, ankle socks and casual wear

There’s no debonair flare to you

No desperation to be more than there

Like me

I’ve been bending split-ends all day

I check my belly in shop windows 

And untuck my t-shirt when it strays

From that perfect place I made it’s home

Before I left mine 

I wish someone watched me in secrecy

But all they’d see

Is insecurity and attempts to be seen 

I do walk train stations with my head high

Midnight roads with my toes in alignment with vogue 

And I do catch eyes 

I always pull my tops to show lace

And paint my face to elicit hooks for my bait

But I wriggle when I’m caught

And I’m sure you didn’t notice my dangling once

It was a punch in the hunching of my lunch

And I bunched all rejection together

Scrunched my hatred of myself into a fistfull of dust

And then you got up

I watched you walk away, back to me

But not back to me

And I had to make peace with my betrayed

Stray from stay

Because I don’t even know your name

I never saw your face

And I couldn’t place you from a crowd

Of millions for love nor grace

Next stops mine, I’ll turn my back this time

Leave another lonely soul sat 

In the grime of pine

As I forget about you all over again

And walk with my head held high.

By Lyric Deep.

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