Was I supposed to get it off my mind?

Was I meant to find solutions

To my mania

And bind trauma to prospects?


Was I under obligation to cry?


Then try techniques

To pry open the sites

You deposited

Your burden into

Before lock up

And sprint to

The next?

You flex muscle over limp neck.

Text tiny tongued faces

To test

But I think of you less


And now

I want to press myself into his chest-

Stress the skin stretched-

Over his dense-


Slow roasting-


With digression-

And dregs.

But ultimately going stray-

To my stiff ways-

Promising the next-

Will be my best-

And that I’m just-

Out of-


Don’t judge me for this one


Remember me tomorrow


That counts

Everytime you dropped me

I just learnt how to better bounce

By Lyric Deep.

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