The Midnight Brain

I’ll admit I miss you

When it’s dark and I’m alone

Soon as the first sparkle of sun

Comes running, tho 

I’m back to my cold

Always wanting to be in


For some


Just begging for those late seasons

Of small daylight

And big angers

So it ain’t just me who’s suffering

I buffer

And I’d love ta

Have enough

Remedy to

Remember me 

In those soppy summers

But each heatwave

Got drenched 

Come the breakaway

Come the brown

The yellow, the copper

And the nakedness

I chase bleak


I don’t like the earth

Copying me

I prefer that stark


And anarchistic


But with each quarter turn

And thought bubble of you

That pops

The midnight brain

Tries changing me

And I bleed through bed sheets

In welcome, in defence

In embrace, in push-back

In it’s-been-so-long

In let’s-try-for-longer

Again? Again?

Come the frost of morning

I’m more furnished

It will take ripping the sun down

To make me love you

Like you need me to 

But I reckon with all you got

Going on

Squeezing that in will take

A miracle

So just wait a few hours

And I’ll be available 

Knowing your lovely little head though

You’ll be soundo by then

I can hear traffic dying down

Streetlights buzzing to animation

Neighbours shutting up

Showers blasting, TVs turning off

Duvets peeling back

Creams lathering, insulin administering

Books opening, lamps clicking

Life coming to a rest

And I’ve never wanted you to fill me with your light more than I do right


By Lyric Deep.

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