Steering Down The Barrel Of A

Let me say “no”

Let me reject it (reject you)

Let me go to brain dead

From been knew

Let me sleep on it

Fuck it

Chew it up and spit it out

Let me draw a hand

Then draw nought

Let me pout when you spout

And let me deny rain

In drought

Let me growl

Let me sour and turn fowl 

Red card me, let me hardly

Try and don’t pry

When you are well aware my

Attempts didn’t get further

Than “I might”

Let me ball you up

Scrunch you, black-bin-bag you

And deprive

Myself of what feels like wrong answers

When of course they’re right

Let me walk away

Let me run

You know what they say

Girls just want to have…

Their lives ruined (by their own hands)

And the ability to bite

The ones that feed

Because if you keep stuffing

Advice down me

I’ll never be freed

So let me turn you down

Let me disappoint you

Then in a few years, when it’s sunk in

I’ll reappear

With every one of your touches

Drenched through

And leave it to yourself

The notice of this

But just know

That all of your good advice

Never goes amiss

The ability in me

To say no, though

Was needed

For too many years

Let me put my own hands

On the wheel

And let my own 


Be what steers. 

By Lyric Deep.

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