Crying On The Balcony

How is that fucking fair?

I’m damaged goods for life

While you flounce about

Without a care

You have no idea 

What you inflicted on me

When you did what you did

Right there

But now I have a weight to my bones

No route back home

And a milkiness to my stare 

I glare at strangers

When they’re friendly

And have fights 

With the slow walkers

Spit in the face of civility

And kick up a fuss

With the keen talkers

My hands wave shoo 

My brain unscrewed

And my body tightened

I want to relax 

In his arms

But ring the alarms

Cos I’m frightened

I’ve been crying

And I’d be lying

If I said you weren’t the reason

The world’s wiping tears with me

But they all like

To blame the change

In season

Mine’s from moons ago

A lunar blow

That’s always fucking up my do

I think if I can make him

Hate me

Like I hate myself

Then I can finally heal

The wounds from you

But that’s crazy talk

That’s unhinged wishes

That come to me

As the tea bag swishes

In a cold and cutting

Cup of yester brewed

As my bag of ghosts

Bounce and boast

In my belly as my ribs protrude

I’m crying on the balcony

Knees to chest 

And forehead melted

Giving London her rain

As civilians run for shelter

For safe spots

Hoping tempests tame

Fags are overflowing flower pots

Thinking Here She Goes again

I’m the atomic bomb

North of the river

Unable to drown 

Yesterday’s pains 

Even though

I want to give him 

All of me


By Lyric Deep.

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