Huh, Isn’t That Funny

When someone’s troubled you

And finally the trouble finds them

You often say

“Huh, isn’t that funny”

You count your karmas,

Tally their fuck ups

Discuss if the punch

Was as hard as they deserve

After what they did to you

I thought I’d hear of your downfall

Your spiral, your slip up

And say

“Huh, isn’t that funny”

But I didn’t laugh

Or smile or revel in anything

I folded into myself

Trying to stop my imagination

From placing me in your shoes

Wishing you did someone else wrong

So maybe my broken heart

Would stop cursing you like this

Tears stained my cheeks

Now yours are cracked

Friends are coming back to me

As others turn theirs to you

My stories are being published

While yours are slung around

As entertainment for enemies

“Huh, isn’t that funny”

I’ve heard a few say

Some shake their head

Some lift their shoulders

Some puff their belly

Most keep silent

And take the updates home

To stew over and dissect

We used to laugh all day

“Huh, isn’t that funny”

We’d say, creased over

Giggling like kids 

Before we became adults and lost

Each other and ourselves

But I found mine again

As you carried on being something else

For someone else to drown in

You sunk deeper into scum

With hospital visits

Midnight runarounds and city escapes

But there’s no amount of running

A girl can do

That will let her escape herself

Especially not girls

With heads like ours

I don’t want to keep hearing these things

To keep being told I was right

All along

I wish I was wrong

I wish I got it all misshapen 

I wish I was the liar

Who made it all up to fuck you over

But that just ain’t reality

In fact it got worst after me

And at this point

There’s nothing I can do

But sit back and look away

Wait until the next shit talker

Comes to me to spill their information

And shake my head

Lift my shoulders

Puff my belly

And say

“Huh, isn’t that funny”

By Lyric Deep.

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