Close Enough

I just can’t get close enough

Pushing this body that’s host of

Lust and blush and crushing

Hush into one that’s fussed

So lush, blew clean the dust

Bust open bolts over 

Shuddered jolts and holds mine

But with your belly on my spine

And never enough time

I just can’t get close enough.

I keep pushing for the merge

The whispers heard, skin burnt

And full body yearn, that makes 

My eyes roll and my jaw gurn

You get me up without the tummy churn

I want to be two ghosts in the urn

Learn how to transcend 

Make it impossible to discern 

Us from one another

Unable to tell who’s one

And who’s the other, but 

I just can’t get close enough.

You hold me tighter than I’ve ever been

I’m crushed by just that 

Unfurled and flat then this fat

Bulge of hunger rumbles in me 

I ruin sleep as I lick and suck and grab

But, perhaps, this will remedy my ills 

When you trill me I’m killed, revived and filled

With this feeling of skilled completeness

You turn me lioness from meekness

No poacher could defeat this

I won’t be hung on any fireplace

But many will catch my face and whisper

To their loved ones, “Have you seen this?”

It’s a new definition, a new fluff

I want to be so close into you

But I just can’t get close enough. 

By Lyric Deep.


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