Post Rut Clarity

I never promised sanctuary

I never said you could stay either

I never asked for sun or rain

No I never asked for neither

I let you get on with it

And did my best to return that favour

I never threatened enemies

Or asked for saviour

Was happy with the lacklustre

And satisfied come the flavour

I didn’t bother you when you did fuck all

Or force you into labour

I never congratulated success

Or called you out when you become traitor

I was so uncolourful

I was like white pen on paper

Still I’ve managed to break your heart

And tear it into jagged squares

I tried to tick the boxes

And avoid the things you couldn’t bare

I smiled when I met you

And didn’t fidget when you’d stare

I wiped tears and took on shoulders

And when you hurt then I would take care

I fawned over warmth

But my nature’s to be icy

And when you told me I’m falling in love

I thought I might be

But the girl you labelled that

Wasn’t the right me

Then I realise you’d projected that

When I rejected you politely

You couldn’t handle my quick dismissal

Took the cold to your own bones

Can’t look me in the eyes no more

And only chat over the phone

Went from seeking sanctuary

To running off home

Whenever I caught you out

Doing those things you said you don’t

I know you want me to take you back

But I actually mean it when I say I won’t

I’ve cut those tethers, the contract

I’m not your piece you have on loan

I know I’m prone to backtrack

To viciousness and I hate to be alone

But who I am with you

Ain’t somebody I want to know.

By Lyric Deep.

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