Pace of Me

Time’s falling through me

Like sand through my fingers 

Nowadays no second lingers

I ain’t wished to stop so much 

In a long time

I wouldn’t say no to

The world fucking off for a bit

And my friends all thinking

I was dead for the week

But reality don’t work like that

I can’t only chat to the floorboards

As they squeak back

In meek bleats

I doubt I’m any less bleak though

And word on the curb

Is that even the inanimate thinks I’m a freak, so

I like it when the carriage is empty

When the piss heads have shut up weekend 

And the workers

Are all in lieu 

I like that I managed to get out of

Meeting up with you

I salivate over an empty bus

And flap over missing rush hour

But even alone in my bedroom

I got someone that needs something

Bunching sticks to invade my tower

Sending rafts to my desert island

Where I’ve got Blackout on repeat

How do you tell some to fuck off

But keep it sweet?

My body always hurts

I got blisters on the blisters on my feet

And this sugar glaze on each

Rocky maze between my teeth

I try follow those ancient lessons

Implement methods that they teach

But then I chuck paperwork 

Out the window

And just lay in bed 

Under the eye of the TV 

I love the days I don’t have to wash

Or pimp and pamper flesh

Where stress gets shelved

And I don’t delve

Into any of my mounding mess

But these lazy slumps are amounting

And the blue arsed fly ones 

Just get less

Still I prefer to pick socks off only

Than bother getting fully undressed

I swear my body was made horizontally

That vertical just ain’t the best

For the bones that I’ve grown into

And all the fucking rest

I had this pain inside my belly

I’ve been blaming that for weeks

I’ve been working, init

Yeah yeah, those bank holidays

Don’t count for me

I’ve been making music

Use your brain, it’s summink you listen to

Not see

But I can’t explain why the exhaustion

Flourishes from zilch 

There’s this gnawing black inside me

That’s always made me ill 

I got all my toys gathered

Ready to uproot the pram

But I lost track of time again

So that door just slammed

Right in my mug

And I’m jammed

Straight in the spot I started

Even though I’ve had all these thoughts

Flood my brain

S’pose I’ll just crawl into bed again

It’s been a week now since I’ve seen you

Feels both one and a hundred days

Just remember 

I ain’t never been one for blasé 

At the moment my dramatics 

Are stuck in their freeze frame

I get sudden panics 

That I never will manage to change

Especially since

Every day started to feel the same

I try point finger

But even that’s a strain

Still my naivety 

Is desperate for summink to blame

Yeah time is all evading

Acting just like me, the prick

I dunno if it’s got some master plan

Or if I’m just being thick

I was born without a patient bone 

So this slow tick just makes me sick

Ain’t you got any minutes for me

Some spare time that I can nick?

Just what did I predict

That you’re free all afternoon

And want to help me 

Recover from this dip

But actually I’m better

Think the clouds have just all burst

So no need to bother bothering me

I think it’ll only make me worst

Just leave me here to rot and moan

Bitch and cry and heave

And if you do overstep that rejection

I’ll tell you to fucking leave

I actually quite enjoy

Being difficult and distant

It ain’t like I don’t get lonely

Or never miss them

Right now it’s just that I am broken

And only my fingers can restitch

So if you ‘llow me to carry on

Being difficult and distant

With my slow motion mission

Then the plan should go on

Without a hitch

I’ll see you in the cemetery

Half a century after you go

Because I think I’m the only one

Where life has suddenly

Started to move slow

It’s meant to increase as my age does

Just like my vision will defog

I wish I could throw out that handbook

You know which;

‘The Law of Sod’

Or maybe I’ll lend you it

So you inherit my slog

Just remember on your peregrination

To give all my ghosts a nod

Oh look, it’s breakfast after lunchtime

Soon it’ll be bed-ready just before tea

I’m sorry, it’s always the case:

You just get this pace of me. 

By Lyric Deep.

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