Never Thought So and So Thought Never

Why the fuck did we have to leave the cocoon

Escape room and zoom off to a gloom without boon

Money in the pocket, come soon

But I’ve been walking through with no shoes

And I’m bruised, this you knew

We can’t do what we do

With no one to prove

We done what we done 

I like you best than anyone

I’m petrified what will come

In twenty minutes and what I’ll have to confront 

So I’ll ruin our last stretch as I run

I can’t deal with being rejected

And I know I’ll be once wheels been spun

And we pull up in the dust and the mud

With hands in laps

And lies tucked between tongues

Because the sun’s only ours

When none else are bathing 

And the tunes only get listened to properly

When I ain’t raving

But course I only feel that chill

When I’m piss wet through from raining 

I could go on straining

Taking every blow as personal failing

But I don’t do none of this

For personal gaining 

This world of ours is meant for delaying

I did try my best, I’m just saying

You tried yours too though

It still don’t bare explaining

Each moves a discovery, a creation 

I dunno why I take pinch

As totally annihilation

I’m so dramatic 

I’ve resorted to even praying

That one day I’ll be free to say

What I want to say without hesitating

Without looking at my toes

Or my thumbs masticating

And that every soft touch

From gloves of such and such

Don’t feel so lacerating 

I don’t like it when they feast me

When they look, stare and take

I wish I could turn transparent 

And that no one ever saw my face

Except for you in the car lights

When you get me from my train

I don’t want no one 

To see my joy again

Or get a sense of my daily pain

Nothing is momentary 

It lingers for a lifetime and a day

Nothing is self explanatory

It ain’t never got nuff to say

Nothing is far from melancholy

I get so far up then trip and graze

Scrape knee caps over free gaps

And get reminded what’s at stake

Don’t take away his freedom

You scream

Don’t make his life go your grey

But then he scoops you up in

That scarred fleshed bundle

And it’s like those worries go away

That transient sentiment

Is never too far though 

In the moon glow I’m hit with reality

But I’ve never been one who’s pursued with sanity

More so gone head first with calamity

When it’s working well

It’s more mad to me

Than when the usual heart breaking sad-to-see

Tragedy comes calling

I never planned on falling

So fast and far

But I sit in your car, I’m still crawling

Around for your dropped pearls

I promise I’ll love you better 

Than all those other girls

Cos I’ll love you in a way you

Won’t be able to hide

A way that’s constantly surprise 

A way that’ll make you want to tell all the world

But you’ll have to keep me curled tight

In that top pocket when their eyes roam

And I won’t tell anyone where you took me

When you said to them

You’d take me home

Why the fuck did we leave there in the first place

Our first mistake

So please remind me

Because all these things I swear are ahead

Get interrupted 

And I just see them

Behind me. 

By Lyric Deep.

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