To The Curb

You’ll never break my heart

Because you’ll never get it

I put the timer on at the start

And I set it

Just a minute past

The betting

Becuase I don’t like signing up

For things

I just end up regretting

It’s called nipping it in the bud

And it’s a blessing

Means I never get tangled up

And need de-stressing

It’s distressing to me

To be so pressing in the things

All except me call lessons

I learn the most

When I’m just host

Don’t let no guest in

Or ghost

Who stands in the hallway

Guessing which door

Needs letting

I’m confessing

Things to you I don’t even

Tell the best friends

But don’t let that be a misguide

It ain’t nothing

To confide

That’s separate to falling

And if you come calling

For less divide

Then the berth will be wide

My pride is wired

Deep within fixed circuitry

That will never get tired

Yet tonight I crave rewrite

To make me right

Learn to see bright

Instead of the world

At knee height

But I’m weak

And I can never see quite

Far enough

To actually complete tasks

Maybe it’s a big ask

Getting you to look past

The fact I can’t

Really de-guard

Even when you feel for me hard

It will still never match

The hatching smash

That collides just before I detach

So before I give pen power

Let me remind you of summink

I told you, I’d said, this is a bad idea

But you never bargained

With my reasoning 

I will admit it was discounted

It was meat without the seasoning

I thought maybe you was raging

At me for bringing feelings in

Cos that’s exactly the stage

I would start to reel it in

Exactly the stage I’d introduce you

To the curb

When I told you it was a bad idea

I don’t fink that you heard

I didn’t really know what I meant

When I said that either

Just knew it was a warning

That needed throwing

Into the ether 

It’s only now, in retrospect

That the bad idea’s deeper

Concept I can piece together 

The skin around my heart

Feels like worn leather

And the weight of my care

A mere fucking feather

Let me sever myself

Then cry about it after

Let me pull lips down when they smile

And stop breathing over laughter

I thought I had it all figured out

Like I was really smarter

But if I charter hot and heavy 

To someone who meets my slow down

With going faster

Then I think I’ll slip out 

Leave you sitting there, in your bubble

All plastered 

While I tell the world

About this little girl

Who was once again

Overridden by some gluttonous


By Lyric Deep.

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